Forget everything taught: fixes driving school

Forget everything taught: fixes driving school

Driving school graduates are often involved in accidents following the careless instructors. The ten most common mistakes we pointed out and helped to fix the school teachers of the higher driver’s skill.


Error: Many beginners raise the seat as high up as possible and set it back upright. It is believed that this adjustment allows the driver to see ahead and control the situation near the front bumper. Plus, according to the novice felt better the machine dimensions.

The error is: This position may not be comfortable, so safe and correct to call it impossible.

Bugfix: the Seat should be adjusted so that when depressed the clutch leg straight. Hands should be placed in the upper part of the steering wheel (respectively ten and two o’clock on the dial) and slightly bent at the elbows. To see the edge of the bonnet is optional, and sometimes impossible. Instead, it is necessary to achieve a feeling of dimensions of the vehicle without reference to the external parts of the body, what can be achieved with the help of special exercises and trainings.