Ford Phaeton 1937 got a second life

Ford Phaeton 1937 got a second life

In the hands of talented artists from Atelier Dayton Wire Wheels quite often get a variety of cars which they repair or restore. At the time it got to live out their last days Ford Phaeton 1937 issue.

And now look at what I did with this instance of the craftsmen. They threw an old Phaeton to the junkyard, and gave him a second life: to restore the original.

Ford Phaeton was found in the barn, near the headquarters of Dayton Wire Wheels. Guys it was bought and restored specially for the exhibition SEMA. In order to understand how much work was done guys, just look at all the pictures. Of course all this cost is not cheap.

This car is interesting and rare due to the second glass partition between the front and rear seats. Exactly at the time the car rolled off the Assembly line.

It completely replaced the chassis, installed new V8 power unit, and replaced the brakes, for improved performance and security. As for the transmission, here the masters had to establish a modern transmission. If you look closely, you can see a lot of interesting details that were added Dayton Wire Wheels.

In 2007, this Ford Phaeton independently reached the exhibition SEMA, which takes place annually in Las Vegas, and back. And it is almost 6500 km!

After the exhibition SEMA, this copy was put up on eBay with a current bid of 19 000 dollars. After a week restored the Phaeton was sold for 25 $ 100.