Five major mistakes of the driver when driving in the rain

Five major mistakes of the driver when driving in the rain

Summer this year has not worked. July is the, the idea is that the hottest month of the year was cold and rainy, so the number of accidents on roads has increased markedly. What happened? The drivers relaxed in the warm may and June, and completely forgotten how to drive in inclement weather? So, it’s time to remind you about simple mistakes that lead to serious consequences.

Many drivers during the cold period, in order to save, turn off their car air conditioners. And they can understand — in the street bitter cold and additionally cool the cabin makes no sense. If not one “but”…

Do not skimp on the air conditioning

Air conditioning installation or air conditioning are not only in order to create a comfortable climate in the cabin of the car in the heat or cold, but in order to “dry the air”. In addition to rain and so visibility is significantly reduced, the window in cars where the disabled air from high humidity beginning to fog up. In this situation, the pros immediately think about “condos”. But drivers with little experience before remember the reason for their sudden blindness on the road, can end up in trouble. So make it a rule: in winter and during rainy periods for air conditioning. Just add heat, but the air conditioning does not turn off. You can still handle the inside glass with a special compound that prevents fogging. Or open the window.

Do not step on the gas

Summer, whatever it is, relaxes drivers. Many believe that the asphalt forgives a lot. Well, somewhere they are right. But not the wet asphalt. Therefore, when driving in the rain around town or on the highway, the speed should reduce. Also avoid the active steering and braking.

Even if you have good summer tires or even “vsesezonka”, it does not negate the fact that the grip of the wheels with the wet pavement is significantly lower than in dry weather. And increase the distance to the vehicle ahead. Your braking distance if you go close, what happen, may not be enough.

Puddles of trouble

On pools paddle only run, but pass them by car can be very dangerous. And for good reason. First, all tires that fall at speed in a puddle, no matter how cool they were not considered, there is an effect of aquaplaning. In other words, the water film between the tire and the road is not time to be evacuated through drainage grooves in the tyre, resulting in tyre losing grip with the pavement and becomes unmanageable.

And secondly, when passing puddles of water actively gets on the brakes that cease to work. In other words, to stop the car, you will have to repeatedly press the brake pedal to prevent moisture from pads and the brake disc has evaporated. But this precious time.

And again about the tires

If the tires are new, with the help of properly selected high-speed mode in inclement weather, they are guaranteed to cope with the excess moisture, diverting it from the tire contact with the asphalt. But if the rubber is worn from the tread nothing left, these tires will not work anymore correctly. But the consequences, which can lead to worn tread, needless to say.

Caution pedestrians

In order not to get wet under the rain, pedestrians use all kinds of protection: umbrellas, raincoats, bags, film. And besides,starting in a hurry. And drivers should consider these factors when traveling around the city. The fact that all of these umbrellas, hoods and haste reduce the amount of attention and, most importantly, the visibility of the pedestrian. In the end, the people suddenly ran out into the roadway, becoming a real danger not only to himself but to other road users.

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