Filled bad gasoline: what to do

Filled bad gasoline: what to do

How to deal with the consequences of filling bad fuel?

Many gas stations and even fuel producers often err more simple and cheap, but a very questionable way to increase fuel octane through the use of various additives.

The problem is compounded by the fact that different cars react differently to the artificially inflated fuel with an octane rating (different than the 95 petrol from ‘ 92) – even if the additive package is picked up efficiently and entered correctly, and most spravivshegosya to You machines relatively well (key word is “relatively”) “ate” the proposed fuel then Your car may not make it.

Bad gasoline can ruin the oil, and with it the engine. This is because the fuel may contain a banned methanol, which is incompatible with the additive package of the oil. Many times resulting in reduced oil life. So do not refuel at the gas station unchecked.

The cause of “bad fuel” – the temptation to make money by selling the cheaper grades of gasoline. The addition of fuel additives is prohibited (MMA and MTBE) costs mere pennies and make a profit up to 200% of net income. Using these supplements any low-octane gasoline can be turned into expensive AI-95 and AI-98.
Is and basic carelessness – when tanks are not cleaned for a long time or was “lucky” to fill up from the bottom, which diluted the accumulated for a long time the dirt.


  • The deterioration of the spark plugs (take the hit first and indicate it bloom, usually red);
  • The malfunction of the entire fuel system, oxygen sensor (clogged filter mesh and fine filter increases the load on the fuel pump, clogged injectors);
  • Problem for catalytic Converter;
  • Increased engine wear.