Fifth wheel, stowaway kit: choosing alternative “the spare wheel”

Fifth wheel, stowaway kit: choosing alternative “the spare wheel”

Today motorists, there are several solutions to the problem of the broken wheel on the road.

Is it confined to the good old full-size “spare wheel”, or should look for more modern methods? History spare wheels starts when the road drove the first cars. Initially the tires and cameras were busy separately, on the road, motorists have bortirovki wheel and could not rely on the tire service. Today things are different…

When a full-sized spare is the best option?

Full-size spare wheel is the best option for today. Initially, the spare tire was located outside, was just suspended on outer body panels. Today on most new cars, the fifth wheel is either stored in the boot or hung on the outside of the rear overhang or attached to the tailgate (mostly on SUVs and crossovers). The main advantages of “real” wheels is a possibility after replacing the head on a spare to continue driving without restrictions speed for any distance. Of course, it’s heavier than “dokatki” when replacing, takes up more space and usually more expensive.

From a full “reserve” should not refuse, if you often travel on roads with imperfect pavement, like to go on a dirt road, or can’t live without long distance travel. In all these cases, the “stowaway” or the kit tires is not the solution. There are different reasons – there is a likelihood of imminent damage to the temporary low profile wheel with him worse grip of the car, and it significantly limits the distance that you can drive after the incident.