Features of operation of LPG in the cold: launch, transition, and other nuances

Features of operation of LPG in the cold: launch, transition, and other nuances

Many car owners of cars with LPG are faced with the problem of starting the engine in cold and a transition regime gas/petrol.

So, outside of all the raging of the Ukrainian winter, with all the usual changes in air temperature from – 18 to +6°C. In another night of Christmas get-togethers with friends, I take a taxi, as usual, talked with the driver, who gave me the idea for this article.

The essence of the conversation was the fact that the taxi driver complained that in the cold of -15°C and below, it is the Chevrolet Aveo LPG from the fourth generation, not only a bad start, but stalls on gas. The fact that the car is bad put me in fact not confused. Being himself the happiest time of the owner Impreza with LPG installed (Yes, gentlemen it happens), I was well aware of this nuance. The problem of engine operation on gas I’m having, but only when climbing to AI-Petri. However, it’s a different story.

Now, in the cold it is normal to have a car on petrol and then switch to gas. But why when in the process of driving in the city, the driver of the Aveo crossed the gas and the car would cut out, I could not understand.
For explanations, I turned to several first

am, among whom were manual devices, as well as several of the eminent mechanics of our city and the gasman.

According to the mechanics, nothing surprising in the fact that at low temperatures (below -15°C) the car stalls on the gas there. The motor heats up the reducer, which in turn heats the antifreeze, and that heats the gas. However, given the specifics of the engine in the car cab, it turns out that when cold, there is no point to switch from petrol to gas. Drove for 10-15 minutes and stopped for 30 minutes and then by 60. Thus, the gas has time to cool and the whole procedure of heating starts again.
Like it or not, hard to say.

Without satisfying themselves information received, I continued to communicate already with the gasman. And here I found the most interesting.