“Family behind”: how to choose the minivan

“Family behind”: how to choose the minivan

With the advent of new family members its head gets a new problem – the replacement of the compact car a more roomy, spacious.

How to choose a minivan and what to pay attention? Five, seven, eight, nine… whatever you need for complete happiness and in what capacity to stay, and without options to live – to understand together.

Not in the back of the case

The appearance and style of the spacious and functional vehicle is usually relegated to the background. As a rule, representatives of the European and American brands are conservative, but the car is Japanese domestic market can often surprise the pretentiousness of the exterior. Share In terms of number of doors, almost all available in our country variants are five-door cars. Most of the automobile passenger door type swing, although if you want you can find sliding. The latter significantly facilitates landing/landing and require less space in narrow Parking lots, but eventually bring trouble with the guides, which lack the classic “the gate”.

The back door often rise up to find the double option is a difficult task. Also note on the roof (see, rarely do we look out there, buying a “car”). But a roof is a potential location for the installation of an additional trunk (fully loaded passengers with standard Luggage compartment is usually too small). So examine it for the presence of rails or regular places to install them.