Experts tell how to increase the life of the brakes

Experts tell how to increase the life of the brakes

You need to follow four simple rules.

With the active drive brakes wear faster, and they have to change. Experts of the car market, told about the four simple actions that will help to increase the resource. Will increase the duration of the brake system following simple rules.

First and foremost, you need to constantly monitor the content of the brake fluid. Not less than once a month, inspect the surface of the brake lines in order to spot fogging or cracks. Fully upgrade the amount of brake fluid is necessary at least every two years, since during operation it absorb water and this reduces efficiency.

The following condition – timely replacement rims and brake pads with a worn friction lining. Replacement is best done in advance, without bringing the condition to critical. Crack disc can not only from long use, but at high loads. While every motorist needs to be careful to his car.

Best way longer to preserve the good state of the braking system – is it correct to implement a regulated process. Proper braking with no sudden movements the car will protect from overvoltage and overheating.

Many drivers, especially inexperienced ones, often putting the car on the handbrake, forget about it and try to start a movement with locked rear wheels. Because of this stretched the Parking brake cord, and damaged friction linings of the rear pads.

In addition to the aforementioned error in deterioration of the brakes is to blame for the fascination with drifting, when the driver attempts to cause a skid car, braking with the handbrake. It’s also not worth doing, only compliance with the rules will ensure a long and coordinated work of the vehicle.