Enthusiasts crossed the VAZ-2101 and “Moskvich”

Enthusiasts crossed the VAZ-2101 and “Moskvich”

Automotive enthusiasts sometimes create very strange “hybrid” cars that use elements of several models. On this way went one of the motorists, independently connecting the VAZ-2101 “Zhiguli” and “Moskvich” 401.

If the night to see a yellow “hybrid”, it is, I think, could be mistaken for any European classic car. Especially if the distance is too large, or if the person will be drunk.

However, near everything just falls into place. No this is not a classic car, but simply the result of imagination of one of the enthusiastic motorists.

We don’t know how someone even came up with the idea to connect between a VAZ-2101 Zhiguli and Moskvich 401. This is, in our opinion, several explanations. The first owner of this “hybrid” is a fan of the “classic” line of “AVTOVAZ” and “Muscovites”. The second just had something to do with two dead machines, and here they joined into one.

When you look at this “miracle” automotive engineering thoughts, just a question of how much time was spent on its creation. You will not believe, but allegedly to cross “the Zhiguli” and “Moskvich” 401 it took 8 years.