Electric cars “started selling” electricity

Electric cars “started selling” electricity

Nissan and Enel created a network of Vehicle-to-grid – V2G modules 100 connected to the national grid.

This will allow owners of electric vehicles the Nissan LEAF and the commercial wagon e-NV200 to sell stored in the batteries electricity National energy company.

Paul Willcox (Willcox Paul), Head of Nissan in Europe, said: “Today’s momentous launch of the project in the UK is an important step to the management of renewable

AMI energy, helping to create future industries, cities and society. Intelligent energy management is one of the main problems faced by any state that emphasizes the importance of launching the pilot project to assess the possibility of using different, more flexible

s energy…”.

If all 18,000 electric vehicles Nissan, which is currently in the UK, to combine the power grid, they would produce energy equivalent to that produced by power plant of 180 MW. If to imagine such situation that all the cars moving along the roads of the UK become electric vehicles using V2G technology could be to the likely capacity of up to 370 GW. This energy would be enough to supply power to three countries such as the UK, Germany and France.

V2G technology allows you to fully integrate electric vehicles in the national network and increase the share of renewable energy, making it

and this energy is well integrated and accessible. Charging infrastructure V2G developed by Enel, gives individual owners and owners of large corporate parks electric cars the ability to create mobile energy nodes by combining their vehicles on a network.

The system is efficient due to the fact that the owners of the Nissan electric vehicles can connect to the network in periods of peak and the actions of the lowest tariffs and then use the accumulated electricity in the household and at work in periods when there are high tariffs, and even to sell surplus electricity, getting extra income from the ownership of an electric vehicle.