Does the breathalyzer on non-alcoholic beer

Does the breathalyzer on non-alcoholic beer

Many car owners are confident in the harmlessness of non-alcoholic beer, considering that it can be drunk behind the wheel. But if it is soft. Is it really possible to drink driving?

The composition of non-alcoholic beer is exactly the same as normal, alcohol. Differs only in the alcohol content. In normal beer the alcohol content in the range of 3-5,5%, non-alcoholic contains about 0,5%, sometimes more. This means that it is not quite soft.

Experiments have shown that the breathalyzer responds to the consumption of non-alcoholic beer. If after drinking one bottle of non-alcoholic immediately to breathe into a breathalyzer, it will show alcohol content of more than 0,00, because alcohol vapors have not eroded. If you wait for 10 minutes and after to breathe, the device can display to 0.00 ppm.

It turns out that if to drink and wait you can get behind the wheel. But it just seems. Not all breathalyzer will show the same numbers, it will depend on the device manufacturer. Besides, do not forget that non-alcoholic beer can also affect your reaction and attentiveness. Therefore, driving better not to drink even non-alcoholic beer.

Source: On the road.