Diesel instead of gasoline: what will happen if it is wrong to fill the car

Diesel instead of gasoline: what will happen if it is wrong to fill the car

Experts understand the consequences of such a “substitution”.

It should be noted that cases when the tank car running on gasoline, pour diesel not so little, reports “web page”.

What is the difference

And fuel, and engines designed for operation with a particular fuel – have fundamental differences. In the distillation of crude oil at different temperatures to get the faction, which, after further processing to turn into gasoline; kerosene; diesel; fuel oil.

Thus, gasoline and diesel fuel differ in chemical composition, and combustion characteristics: they have a different content of various impurities, different viscosity, density and ignition temperature.

Internal combustion engines for both types of fuel also different: in petrol engine the air / fuel mixture is fed into the cylinders where it is ignited by an electric spark. The fundamental difference between a diesel engine (along with a host of other differences) in that the heating and ignition of the fuel / air mixture comes from the compression inside the cylinder, reports segodnya.

Diesel fuel instead of gasoline

In a petrol engine the pressure at which the air-fuel mixture enters the cylinders, much less necessary to the ignition of the diesel fuel. So while the fuel system was a little bit of gasoline will change dramatically the combustion process: diesel fuel will burn completely, will produce a large amount of soot.

Getting diesel fuel in the fuel line of a petrol vehicle will lead to their clogging. Large also the probability that the diesel fuel will leak into the crankcase through the cylinders i.e. motor oil will become worthless. And when the remnants of the gasoline will be used – the engine will stall.
As a result of: washing and repair of the engine, at least – cylinder system,flushing and repair of fuel system, injectors,replace fuel filter,oil change.

By the way, it is worth noting that carbureted engines are somewhat more loyal to the diesel fuel than the injector.