“Diesel engine”: the dual economy or dual problem?

“Diesel engine”: the dual economy or dual problem?

How justified the installation of LPG for diesel cars.


Gas used in internal combustion engines for a long time — but the calculation has traditionally taken mainly petrol units. This is absolutely common practice among owners of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in parks. Moreover, for some machines with carburetor supply system with the release of more “Union” during the installation of HBO is practically the only chance to send that vehicle to the facility.

LPG allows you to save money on fueling of the vehicle, it is a known fact. And it will stay that way probably until the time of a serious rise in prices of the petrol. Diesel engine, that is equipped with gas supply system of the engine, originally created as a motor with ignition from compression of the sweep, known at least for a long time. And similar plants are used for decades, but the popularity of LPG as on petrol engines the diesel engine has not yet gained popularity.

“Let well alone” – according to some owners of the already economical diesel cars on the go. “I don’t want to kill the motor for the money!” – immediately dismiss others… maybe it’s time to reconsider the famous “old technologies” in the light of current opportunities, with reference to the cost of different types of fuel? You must agree, the days when diesel was spilled in the PMK only to wash in this “Solarium” a couple of parts and then the bucket to throw out under the fence are long gone. And the cost of diesel fuel in some cases equates to the cost of a liter of gasoline.