Craftsman made from an expensive Ferrari “cheap”

Craftsman made from an expensive Ferrari “cheap”

Car donor for this was truly legendary and rare car 1984, V.

Texas head coach GWA Arturo Alonso has made of the legendary Ferrari 288 GTO Ferrari 308.

Arturo Alonso was famous for his ability to create a unique car body that turns your cars into true works of art. With the appropriate price tag, of course.

Alonso himself has always stressed that he is a passionate fan of cars 50-70-ies of the last century, calling this time a “Golden age” of automotive design. That’s why almost every new work is a reinterpretation of a car of the time.

Inexpensive (certainly by the standards of Ferrari) sports car 308 was produced in 1975-1985 years, could not so famous as its predecessor the Ferrari Dino. However, Alonso feels about this car the most tender feelings and decided to resurrect its image, making the sports car by the name of GWA F/308 Succesivo.

And car donor was truly legendary and rare sports car — Ferrari 288 GTO sample in 1984, which was released a total of 277 pieces. The car has received modified front and back, new exhaust system, 19-inch wheels, seats and steering wheel. Have undergone any refinement of 2.9 liter eight-cylinder 400-horsepower twin-turbo motor is unknown.

But it is known that the car is lost, although it weighed only 1160 kg. Apparently, should improve the dynamic characteristics of — stock Ferrari 288 GTO overcome the first hundred in 4.8 seconds and accelerated to 305 km/h.

It is also unknown how much his work of Arturo Alonso. But there is no doubt that the potential buyer GWA F/308 Succesivo will have to seriously fork out, because only one Ferrari 288 GTO in good condition is worth more than 2.5 million euros.