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Recycle Car Oil to Help Save the Planet

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Most of us know that you can recycle cardboard, glass and tin cans. We can also recycle old newspapers and plastic bottles but did you know you can also recycle your old car oil?

Many of us need a car to get where we need to go. Cars can get you places fast and safely but they do create pollution that can harm the environment. You can’t possibly completely avoid polluting the environment when you drive a car but you can do things to help keep the pollution down like recycle car oil.

Tips to recycle your old car oil

Some of us take our cars to an auto mechanic to get the oil changed. These garages usually have places that they send the old used oil to for recycling. They gather up the old oil until they have enough to be recycled into useful lubricating products. Next time you take your car to get the oil changed ask if they recycle the old oil. If they don’t you may want to take your car to a place that does recycle car oil.


Recycled oil is very useful. It can be recycled to make oil to use for homes, businesses and schools. Just one gallon of old used motor oil can generate enough electricity to run a household for a day. This may not sound like much but it is a good way of using old oil and making it into something useful.

Recycled oil can also be processed into lubrication oil for engines. This is a much better solution then just throwing out the oil. The oil gets processed into new lubrication that can be reused. If you change the oil in your car yourself you can take your used oil it to an oil collection center near you to be recycled into something useful. Many service centers will allow you to bring in your old oil for recycling too. Just ask them and they may take your old oil for recycling.


Find an oil recycler near you

When we all do our share to recycle the world will be a cleaner place for all of us. You can find nearest recycling station by ZIP-code.

We need to do what we can to make the world a cleaner place. Prevent pollution by dropping your old oil off at an oil recycler near you. Find out more about recycling oil and learn more about how you can recycle car oil by going on the net.

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