Car for 300 euros: drive them in Europe

Car for 300 euros: drive them in Europe

Whether the EU can operate a car cost a few hundred euros?

Customs clearance, taxes, bureaucratic obstacles, visa… There is a sea of terms that are already not the first year is brought to a white heat irritated and tired Ukrainian motorists, writes auto. But today speech not about them, but about a kind of a legend and a dream: the extra-cheap, that is, the stories happen “out there”, meet almost at every step, and are sold in almost every yard. Just stand quite a good cars, though not the first freshness, but with a sticker on the glass “sold”, and for €300, if it “petrol”! Diesel, of course, more expensive: the price tag maybe 600 or 700 euros. A Paradise for the motorist? Just a couple of green pieces of paper with a picture of the gate in the Baroque style and you “on wheels”? Let’s see what it means to actually buy a car for Europeans.

Does the EU used car for a couple hundred euros?

Yes, there is! And many in the ads of popular resources on the sale of such transportation offers thousands. Moreover, the majority of the ads really are real cars, they are on the go, and don’t even resemble the shape of the mattress, which make great presses out of the car before disposal. There are thousands of ads from car to 300-500 euros not older than 2000 model year. Interested? Go ahead!

Looks like really a car for a few hundred euros?

Many cars are quite attractive – no noticeable surface corrosion complete, they can be battery pack and to splash a couple gallons of fuel in the tank so that the buyer could have a car and use it on the go. In General, a cheap “sled” car full! Even conceived the thought: “These Europeans did not know wing no money, no buying cars. Year after year they get hundreds of thousands of new cars, but why – if enough cars for a couple hundred euros? That’s what’s wrong with the Passat?”

This car caught our attention an interesting description. However, the majority of these sentences the essence of the description is about the same, except with less adjectives and art momentum: “If you replace your brake pads – you will have the chance to pass TUV. Oil change, we just do not wonder, but to make it worth it, takes about 15 minutes, not more. Motor and gearbox, if we remember correctly, was once without a problem. The car will be happy if it will be repaired and he will once again be on the move, well, it will be disassembled and will go to the smelter. Cars have long been tired to travel across the expanses of the Earth. Price fixed, no bargaining and exchange, for export only”. And this description you will find in the best case – not every seller is in a hurry to spread the truth about your product. Let us then understand, what are all these nuances in the ad.