Bulgarian Studio made restomod the legendary Trabant

Bulgarian Studio made restomod the legendary Trabant

The legendary Trabant car, popular in the 90s in Eastern Europe, became a symbol of an era in the history of the German state.

Currently, the rare micro-cars German brands often become the object of the work of the tuners and restorers. One of these “creations” was the Trabant 1.1 in the performance of the Bulgarian tuning Studio Vilner.

The compact sedan is a refreshed interior and modern lighting equipment. Used for decoration plaid and soft bonded leather, making the interior cozy and comfortable. Even modern radio is made in retro style. It is worth noting that the designers left the original headrests.

Roof and wheels are also painted in the same style as the salon “in the cage”, and the old logo was replaced with the figure “21” is the favorite number of the current owner of the retro car.

Under the hood Trabant 1.1 1990 installed a 1.1-litre engine from the Volkswagen Polo is a performance of 45 horsepower and 74 Nm of torque. As the transmission used 4-speed manual transmission. The car weighs 700 pounds.

Source: Speedme