BMW 2800 CS significantly “rejuvenated”

BMW 2800 CS significantly “rejuvenated”

BMW 2800 CS, or E9, is one of the most iconic BMW models. Her appearance is so popular that these cars often become the basis for the construction of various modern Resto-mods, for example, MKO CS M5 from the company MKO.

Atelier Gas Motor Cars has also created a project based on E9. The car was built for 4 years and now for sale for almost $50,000. The dealer does not report anything specific about this car, “because there were too many modifications to list”. We see that the appearance of the BMW 2800 CS has remained virtually standard, except for the HRE wheels and air suspension.

Changes in the cabin a little more extensive: it was completely redone. For example, the driver got a brand new wooden steering wheel and the instrument panel from AutoMeter.

The center console was redone and integrated into her “head” Kenwood audio system, additional instruments and tasteless the gearbox. Among other changes: aluminum pedals, upgraded front seats and a subwoofer in the trunk.

At the time of sale, the mileage of the car is 104311 miles, or about 168 thousand kilometers. Is it too much for regular 2.8-litre engine, which, by the way, here left intact?!