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bentley cars
Here is an automobile industry that makes quite a difference. Latest Bentley cars are listed below.

New Bentley Continental GT –

bentley continental gt

The Continental GT is a new luxury car with new designs. From all Bentley cars, this produces 500 hp, with a V-8 engine. The interior is handcrafted with nice finishing touches. It’s a classic car with bodies of aluminum panels. It has a wide bumper, and bigger shift paddles with a projected metal finish.

bentley cars continental gt

The Convertible and GT coupe can be upgraded to 6.0 liter, W-12 engines (twin-turbocharged). The Bentley’s Continental GT has standard output, producing 567/582 hp, and 516/531 pound-feet. The W-12 speed editions rise 626hp and 607 lb-ft. W-12 conserves fuel by running on six cylinders.

continental gt

The interior cabins of the GT lack much space; space isn’t what Bentley is considering. The car has little elbow room, but a comfortable cross-country front seats. The new GT Continental haven’t been crashed tested, so we don’t know much about the safety, but the car is also loaded with some safety technologies like airbags, excellent camera at the rearview etc.

bentley cars continental gt 2016 and continental r type 1952

The price range of the 2017 Bentley is about $200,000, going to a bit $300,000. It has a 15mpg–18mpg of fuel economy. If you want you can read about new Bentley Mulsanne here. The new Continental GT is a compact car with a Gas Mileage of 15mpg city/25mpg highway. The engine is a V-8 twin turbo engine and an all wheel drive drivetrain.

bentley continental gt salon

It has a passenger capacity of 4 and a 2dr body style. Exterior dimensions are 76.3 widths, 108-inch wheelbase, 65.2-inch track width, 55.2-inch height, 189.3inch length, and a front track width of 65.5 inches.

Engine displacement is 4.0L/244, 487 torque at 1700 rpm, producing 500 horsepower at 6000 rpm.

bentley cars continental gt salon

The safety features of Continental GT includes

• Airbags (frontal driver, frontal passenger)
• Airbags side body rear, and side head front and rear.
• Brake ABS
• Child-safety rear door locks
• Daytime-running-lights
• Night-vision
• Parking aid
• Backup camera etc.

The Continental GT comes with lots of safety features for a comfortable drive.



Bentayga is one of the latest rolled out the model of Bentley cars. The Bentayga is built with luxury and comfort in mind. Setting eyes on Bentayga, you will see is an all inch Bentley cars. The interior is handcrafted with ultra designs. The Bentayga is the presence of SUV and sporting prowess.

car bentley

The Bentayga has a breathtaking W-12 engine, with a top speed of 301km/h (187 mph).

Little Specifications info:

Max power– 600 bhp @ 5000 to 6000 rpm
Max torque– 664 lb-ft at 1350 rpm
Engine Capacity –
5950 cc etc.

bentayga salon


Gross vehicle weight – 7165 lb-ft
Fuel tank capacity – 85 L

bentley bentayga salon


Overall length – 202.4 inches
Width across mirrors– 7 feet 4 inches
Overall height– 5 feet 9 inch.
Wheelbase – 117.8 inches.

interer bentley bentayga
Bentayga tows up 3500kg with
ease. Taking all kinds of off road terms in its long step.

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