Battery. How to overwinter?

Battery. How to overwinter?

Issues and problems of cold start of the engine is definitely relevant from year to year, especially for those car owners, whose battery had time to celebrate one’s birthday.

The most popular and effective 100% advice – purchase a new battery. However, the cost of a new battery (for medium cars) depending on the manufacturer ranges from 1200 UAH. for the domestic or the license to 2 – 2,5 thousand UAH. depending on the brand of the foreign manufacturer.

So, money for a new

there’s no power and the need to ride remains. And here are two cases of initial conditions: first – you are using your car daily, and the second is the car you need once a week or even a month, but to completely abandon winter travel impossible.

With daily trips, if they are not short and the voltage is within the normal range, the battery has time to recharge, and usually this is enough to “live” until tomorrow. However, there is a downside: the starter when starting the engine consumes much more energy, and short trips do not allow the “tired” battery to restore power. In this case, no recharging not do.

So if possible, it is desirable to reduce the number of engine starts for day mode auto (of course if possible), for example, when waiting for passengers or while in congestion at intersections not turn off the engine. Not only will this resource support the battery until the next charging, but also will reduce the “launcher” engine wear.
If you operate a car is not daily and not even weekly, it is best to store the battery pack separately, since even a simple on-Board vehicle system, such as watches, media, etc. is able to completely take away the “life force” to start. The question arises: how, where and under what conditions to store. First, be sure to remove the terminals, and secondly, the battery needs to be charged… But at what temperature? Many motorists believe that the warmer the better and keep the battery at home for months, but this is a fallacy, which is theoretically a scientific explanation associated with the concept of “self-discharge”. Of course storage in sub-zero temperature conditions is undesirable, and icing – are categorically not allowed. Ideal conditions are near-zero temperature, i.e. for urban motorist – battery storage on the balcony with the obligatory periodic control of main characteristics voltage (12.7 Volts) and the electrolyte density 1.27 kg/cm3