“Autoparatopy” told the secrets of their work

“Autoparatopy” told the secrets of their work

It all depends on the marketing, condition of cars and the mood of the seller!

After the publication of the revelations of the former “buy up” in which he shared with the readers information of what make a car for sale, the editor asked one of his colleague. He has long complained that “bread” “buy up” is not so easy. And there are risks that the purchased car will “hang” for a long time, maybe even for a year.

We asked him to prepare a list of such cars that are difficult to sell. Soon received a new revelation. The interviewee shared his observations from his own experience and the experience of their colleagues, what cars can not be sold over the years. He repeatedly insisted that the element of luck has not been canceled and there are times when exactly the same car someone was selling for 2 days, and others they “hung out” for a month or even six months. It all depends on the marketing, condition of cars and the mood of the seller. remember: with this spirit, you do not sell the elephant!

But still some General criteria “hanging” our cars “outbid” formulated. Therefore, choosing the next vehicle, compare it with this “black” list.

The editors do not at all share the author’s position, but that is his opinion. The style of the author saved. we only corrected mistakes and punctuation

1. UMOTALA machine state can also be considered ILLIQUID because shish sell it until they drop the price. And it does not depend on the make and model of car. Any umotala car, or restored, ILLIQUID, and is sold exclusively at the fool. They are expensive won’t sell, especially to outbid.

2. All the FRENCH lover… Their quality leaves much to be desired, especially at at. They are afraid to buy, afraid of the stereotypes about them go, and so people are just looking for another car, and not convince them. There are only a few models that sell well is Renault Symbol, Logan, Peugeot 308. The rest have to work hard.

3. Subcompact. Car type Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107, Hyundai Getz 1.1 l, Chevrolet Spark, Opel Corsa 1.0 liters and so on.
They are very hard to sell. These machines are more feminine, and therefore harder to sell. A small amount of ice is not for everyone need. The price of such machine is not small, but for the same money there is a choice among other cars that will fit every day. For example, Corsa C 1 litre, very few people want, it’s still 1.2 and 1.4 and 1.6 l And people often buy slightly more powerful. Same with the Getz with 1.6 l for sale very quickly typically, the 1.4’s have a 1.1 l less in demand.

4. Hatchback with 3 doors. They are also illiquid. After all, the many car for every day and any occasion. And one car in the family with the child will often have 5-door! 3-door buys youth and annealed at them. Then it turns out the car in umotala state see p. 1. In General, not for each these cars, and wait for it someone will buy it, sometimes long and pointless.