Auto duty: the new bill will exempt from tax on used cars

Auto duty: the new bill will exempt from tax on used cars

But, though not all, but only veterans of the ATO.

Experts predict the emergence of new schemes of tax evasion?

People’s Deputy Yuri Timoshenko (party of people’s front) has submitted to Parliament the bill No. 5057, providing for exemption from the payment of all prescribed by Ukrainian legislation tax when you buy cars the soldiers of ATO, according to auto. Currently the document is under review and his fate is still very vague. The author of the project considers the issue of benefits to veterans of the ATO priority for consideration at the session of the Verkhovna Rada.

“Now they have to pay a number of taxes, the amount of which in the end is almost half the cost of the machine. But the creation of privileged conditions for participants of the ATO-is almost the main task of the Parliament,” – said Mr. Tymoshenko.

However, the coin has a reverse side. In particular, experts predict that in the case of adoption of such a law in our country may be a new scheme of tax evasion. At the time such fraud occurred in the case of benefits for Afghans, invalids and Chernobyl, which had issued hundreds of preferential car that gave impetus to the development of the grey market.

However, the bill No. 5057 has the limitation to use “service” only once a year.