Atelier Alpinа not interested in new BMW

Atelier Alpinа not interested in new BMW

The head of the famous tuning Bureau explained why his firm does not want to communicate with front-wheel drive “Bavarians”.

The BMW steadily expanding the scope of the UKL platform, involving the front-wheel drive as basic, starting with a hatchback Mini brand, the Bavarians were transferred to this architecture is not only compact crossovers, but the latest novelty – the next generation of family 1 of the series. All of them will not get a single gram of care and attention from the tuners from Buchloe, according to Motor1.

As stated by the head of the Studio of Andreas Bovensiepen edition of Motoring, his company is not just interesting, but not interesting for very tangible reasons. Alpina consider, for example, that the increase in sales prices, front-wheel drive hatchback after its finishing in the Studio will scare away most buyers: modified cars simply will not find demand at this level of the market.

In addition, Alpina prefer to work with multi-cylinder engines – V8 or the inline “sixes”, which BMW installs directly into several models: it significantly reduces the cost of creating each new Alpina.

Finally, the accumulated engineers Atelier experience with the ZF boxes that BMW traditionally uses older models in the case of a compact absolutely not useful. The fact that they are equipped with the transmission units of the Japanese company Aisin, and Alpina engineers, in fact, will have to pass all the way again.

So it’s nothing personal, just business: according to Alpina, the release of “charged” versions of front-drive BMW is just not justified economically. The Bavarians will have to fend for themselves.