Astrology for the driver: why are 5 and 7 October behind the wheel is better not to sit down

Astrology for the driver: why are 5 and 7 October behind the wheel is better not to sit down

Living and go Feng Shui!

Is it possible to predict the risk of getting in an accident or with a high probability to know how fast to go on sale a car or tires? And find out what the most auspicious day to begin traveling by car or filing a lawsuit in court against the insurer, the policeman, the culprit?

Chinese science of divination, known throughout the world as Feng Shui, claims that without problems. Feng Shui for most Europeans, and Ukrainians are no exception — no more than a technique for correct placement of furniture in the apartment. Bed to the North wall, a coffee table, at the window, dressing table — throw. Then family sex boring — once a month — service transformirovalsya nightly in a Roman Orgy, ailing from years of excesses health will become heroic, and the inevitable dismissal of some of the brightest incompetent will result in the armchair of the head of Department, at least. What is most interesting about this primitive view on the ancient Chinese science, is able to applied to your parts to really turn a person’s life in the best side, not so far from the truth.

Although in reality this ancient doctrine are able to change a person’s life much better! At least the master Jeanne Wei, a student of such modern classics of Feng Shui and Chinese astrology Joseph Yu, not only unconditionally, sure, but also takes to convince visitors of the website Autoblog that the relevance of the teachings specific advice.

– Despite the fact that any astrological forecast — the story is very individual, says Ms. Wei, however, there are universal recommendations that can help absolutely anyone make important and strategic decisions for themselves. The degree of accuracy — maximum”. Here, for example, that Chinese science predictions recommends that drivers this week.

October 3, Monday — the energy of the day helps sales. The optimal day for the sale of the machine of the rubber, but just that you want to implement. Today you will easily find a buyer. On the road try to be calmer, people today prone to impulsive actions, emotions difficult to control, try not to overestimate your ability on the road.

October 4, Tuesday — day smooth, relaxed, even too. Today, drivers tend to think long before you make a decision on the road. Try to be more concentrated. Be especially careful in the tunnels.

October 5, Wednesday — day of increased traumatism, take speed, take it easy. If possible, refrain from long trips. Be careful of pedestrians and especially children on the road. It is not necessary to file a lawsuit in this day: you will not be able to get the desired result.

October 6, Thursday — a good day for any negotiations, the buyer and the seller are on the same wavelength. In this day and however you can sell or buy the “iron horse” at a profit.

October 7, Friday — the end of the week, people are already weakened, care drivers is reduced. On this day, on the road, pay attention to unpredictable reactions. Quite possibly, someone from the left wants to turn right or at the last moment change your mind, you to miss. And best of all — leave their car at home and certainly not in any way to take the car on a long journey. This day is better not to buy anything — you will feel that you cheated. As you understand, this is the busiest day of the week.

October 8, Saturday — despite the fact that on Saturday decided to begin the journey, this Saturday is special, it is better to devote to getting rid of unnecessary. Free trunk, cabin, garage of excess things. The machine should be only the most necessary. An abundance of things in the car creates chaos in the mind of the driver and corny, distracting from the road.

9 Oct, Sunday — lovely day, you can start a new life, you can plan long trips. The journey started on this day is not only tedious, but rather energize you for the upcoming labor feats.