As the owner receive compensation for the broken in the pit car

As the owner receive compensation for the broken in the pit car

Few people know, but this question is spelled out in the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In the spring of Ukrainian roads the snow melts together with the asphalt. The road, after the bombing throughout the country. Hundreds of motorists losing nerves, time and money.

“There is a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which clearly stipulates that road maintenance organization Ukravtodor and utilities type Kyivavtodor should compensate for the losses that were caused by improper operation of these roads,” – said the expert on Avtopravo Olga Dodoh.

In the event of a problem, she advises to do the following:

1) If you have damaged part of the car due to the bad condition of the road, look around. Take phone numbers of witnesses to the incident.

2) Call the patrol police officers.

3) Lock all photos or videos. Then you will be able to provide the footage in court.

4) Wait for the Protocol of the police and it is important that the employee summoned the representatives of Ukravtodor or municipal enterprise, is responsible for these roads. Be sure to take a copy of this Protocol, it will be necessary in court.

5) be Sure to take a receipt for the car repair.

6) Apply to the court.

However, according to the expert, to the decision of the court is only half the story. Real cash compensation today remains a big question.