As the dealers “bred” buyers

As the dealers “bred” buyers

Nuances you need to know about everyone!

Mortal sins dealer

Broken car under the guise of new. Imposed services, when the buyer almost hypnotizing. Counterfeit spare parts instead of the original. It’s not horror, but real everyday life is not the most conscientious dealers. The revelation of the experts of the industry on Autoblog.

There is a perception that the official dealer is serious, reliable, qualitatively. Yeah, it’s expensive, but considering all the advantages, because you can accept? Level! Guarantee! So says the majority of Russian car owners. And absolutely nothing. Infinitely believe in the sacredness and infallibility of the car dealership is not only pointless, but stupid. Experts who have worked in the dealership business for more than one year, on condition of anonymity, told us what a tremendous atmosphere of deception and “divorce” reigns in some of the official dealers that put profit above reputation. It can be as large stores and very small.

Visitor all this horror does not see. Before his eyes – smiling managers in white ironed shirts, comfortable show-rooms, tea-coffee-biscuits. Right features, right? But when you know what’s going on behind the walls of the client area, can become bad.

We should mention – our future story on the blatant cheaters and “the grifters” refers to all official dealers. And we are not going to hang an insulting label on each and every salon. I just want to remove the rose-colored glasses with car owners and to recommend to carefully choose the dealer. At the same time, according to our anonymous experts, the scale of the problem is gigantic. And resorted to cheating is not one or two of the show. Many are trying to cash in on the incompetence of customers. The main reason is obvious: the automobile is increasingly less marginal. Honestly work harder. So to charge customer the maximum sought by all – only one go at this then others.