As I have to change my driving style after buying a turbo car

As I have to change my driving style after buying a turbo car

Buying a car with a turbine, many drivers think that now will become real racers. Because the turbine can significantly increase engine power, gives simply amazing dynamics and traction even on the climbs. Driving this car a pleasure and I want to squeeze most of it.

But if the turbine regularly disperse up to peak values and not worry about the settings it is working correctly, the host will quickly make themselves felt. Most often the damage to the turbine face the people moved with the usual atmosfernika on turbo cars. Their style of riding is not suitable for the new machine, and the host wears out quickly. We were told about this company experts TurboSTO for which repair of turbines – main area of work. We decided to figure out what kind of habits after buying a new car, the driver will have to change.

Starting and stopping the engine

Experts said that the main problem of drivers of conventional internal combustion engine without the turbine becomes the starting and stopping of the engine. Standard, warming up the motor is necessary in order to keep the oil distributed evenly throughout the shirt and provide efficient cooling. If you have a turbine – like no other she is in need of a great lubrication.

The turbocharger is usually on the periphery of the oil system and the pressure here came back to normal need to let the engine run for 3-5 minutes with no load after startup. But it is not the most critical moment. Even without a strong warm-up, you can safely drive without consequences, giving peak revs.

Much worse situation is with the stop of the motor. After a fast drive, normal aspirated you can simply switch off and allow to cool, this motor will only get better. In the turbo engine the situation is the opposite:

  • when driving fast the turbine accelerates up to 100-150 thousand revolutions per minute;
  • the temperature of the shaft can reach 800-1000about;
  • the inertia of the impeller is rotating after stopping for 2-3 minutes.

If you turbo the motor right to silence, the flow of oil into the turbine will stop. This will lead to overheating of the shaft and its deformation. The worst option – welding the shaft to the housing. In this case, repair will not help, the unit will have to be changed completely.

Monitoring of the turnover

Many new owners turboatoma very impressed with the traction capabilities of technology and begin to mercilessly exploit it at a high rpm. TurboSTO experts told us that such a regime for the turbine is very damaging because she constantly have to endure peak heating.

The most comfortable to drive option – average speed without a heavy load. No need to step on the gas hard, as you must do on a standard “atmosferica”. Hold medium speed will provide a comfortable ride in the city and beyond. While the turbine will maintain its efficiency for the entire life of the engine.

Timely and the best fuel

And the most important parameter for stable and long operation of the turbo – maintenance. It is important to understand that the turbine is very demanding on the quality of oil and fuel. Therefore, the change