As a driver to behave after becoming a party to the accident

As a driver to behave after becoming a party to the accident

What else other than peace of mind and phone might need?

No wonder they say that the best experience is one that had a chance to try for yourself. No matter it is positive or negative. The same applies to mistakes. Of course, clever aphorisms say that it is better to learn from others ‘ misconduct. But, alas, until you make a mistake yourself, not wiser. Why all this digression? And the fact that the author of this blog two weeks ago happened to be in an accident. Although looking back on six years of experience driving a small accident doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, this event is still forced to think about many things. The main lesson is that even a momentary loss of alertness behind the wheel turns into great expense of money on car repairs.

Ahead and to the sides

It may sound corny, but driving requires maximum concentration. Yes, this is taught in driving schools and this rule carefully adhere to the newcomers (not all, but most). Experience eventually discouraged many drivers and leads to focus drops. Glance distracted by the scenery around, on a mobile phone or tablet, to display multimedia system in search of a favorite radio station or song. The result is predictable: shock, twisting metal and crumbling glass, injury. Therefore, sitting behind the wheel, you need to follow what is happening in front of the hood, on the sides and rear of the vehicle. This will keep the car safe and sound, and, most importantly, will protect the driver, passengers and those who are for “a Board”, from the disastrous consequences.

By the way, an interesting statistic: according to research, in Italy 20% of road accidents occur due to the fact that drivers are distracted by cell phones, and in the United States, for example, cell be the cause of 12% of the accidents. There is reason to think.

Just be calm!

If the trouble still occurred, the main thing – keep calm and attentiveness. To enclose the scene of an accident warning triangle or other visible object (for example, on the canister to tie a bright scarf or piece of fabric), carefully inspect the vehicle for damage and to ensure that technically the car could move on. For example, my mistake was that after the accident, I have not checked the steering, which was damaged, and the time did not call a tow truck. In the end, lost almost half an hour waiting for him. By the way, will not be superfluous to photograph the scene of the incident. First, photos will help when making an accident insurance company. Second, if the other party wants to lie and twist evidence – will be on hand the necessary evidence. And most importantly, do not forget that before the arrival of the police in any case can not leave the scene of an accident.