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BMW 4 Series Review – Unraveling the Beauty and Power of the Ultimate Driving Machine

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Welcome to our comprehensive BMW 4 Series review, where we dive deep into the world of this iconic luxury coupe. As one of BMW’s most beloved and sought-after series, the 4 Series represents the perfect fusion of performance, style, and luxury. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a connoisseur of fine craftsmanship, or simply someone who appreciates the thrill of the open road, the BMW 4 Series is sure to captivate your heart and soul.

From its sleek and aerodynamic design to its powerful engine options, the 4 Series stands out as a true testament to BMW’s commitment to engineering excellence. This series offers a range of trim levels and configurations, allowing you to choose the perfect combination of features and performance that suits your unique tastes and preferences.

In this ultimate guide, we will take a closer look at the history of the BMW 4 Series, its evolution over the years, and the cutting-edge technologies that make this luxury coupe a force to be reckoned with. We will also delve into the interior and exterior design elements that set the 4 Series apart from its competition, and examine the impressive array of safety and driver-assistance features that ensure both peace of mind and an exhilarating driving experience.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a virtual journey through the breathtaking world of the BMW 4 Series, fasten your seatbelts and join us as we explore this automotive masterpiece from every angle. Get ready, because the ultimate guide to the BMW 4 Series starts now!

History and Evolution of the 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series has a rich history and has seen significant evolution since its introduction. Originally introduced in 2013 as a successor to the 3 Series Coupe, the 4 Series was created to offer a more luxurious and sportier alternative to the traditional sedan. With its sleek design and powerful performance, the 4 Series quickly gained popularity among car enthusiasts and luxury car buyers.

Over the years, BMW has continued to refine and enhance the 4 Series, introducing new features and technologies to stay competitive in the luxury coupe market. The second generation of the 4 Series, launched in 2020, showcased a bold new design that took inspiration from the larger 8 Series. With its distinctive kidney grille, sleek headlights, and muscular stance, the new 4 Series made a bold statement on the road.

In addition to its updated design, the new 4 Series also featured improved performance and handling. BMW offered a range of powerful engines, including a turbocharged inline-six and a high-performance M4 variant. With its responsive handling and exceptional acceleration, the 4 Series offered an exhilarating driving experience like no other.

Year Model Updates
2013 Introduction of the 4 Series as a replacement for the 3 Series Coupe
2016 Refreshed design with updated headlights and taillights
2020 Launch of the second-generation 4 Series with a new design and improved performance

Looking to the future, BMW is expected to continue evolving the 4 Series, incorporating the latest technologies and advancements to keep up with changing consumer demands. As the luxury coupe segment continues to grow, the 4 Series will likely remain a top choice for those seeking a combination of style, performance, and luxury.

Performance and Handling

The BMW 4 Series is known for its exceptional performance and handling. Whether you opt for the base model or one of the higher trims, you can expect a thrilling driving experience.

The 4 Series offers a range of engines to choose from, including a powerful inline-6 engine in the M4 variant. These engines deliver impressive acceleration and power, allowing the 4 Series to go from 0 to 60 mph in just a few seconds.

BMW has equipped the 4 Series with advanced technologies to enhance its handling capabilities. The series features a well-tuned suspension system that provides a smooth and composed ride even on rough roads. The precise steering and responsive brakes further contribute to the car’s exceptional handling.

For those seeking an even more exhilarating driving experience, BMW offers optional performance upgrades such as an adaptive M suspension and a limited-slip differential. These upgrades further enhance the car’s agility and stability, allowing drivers to push the 4 Series to its limits on both the street and the track.

Overall, the BMW 4 Series impresses with its dynamic performance and handling. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or navigating tight corners, the 4 Series delivers a driving experience that is sure to thrill enthusiasts.

Engine Options

When it comes to the BMW 4 Series, there are a variety of engine options to choose from that cater to different preferences and driving styles. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking for high-performance or someone who prefers a balance between power and efficiency, the 4 Series has something for you.

Standard Engine

The standard engine found in the 4 Series is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It offers impressive power, producing up to 255 horsepower. This engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, providing smooth and responsive gear shifts. With this configuration, the 4 Series delivers a dynamic driving experience.

M Performance Engine

For those seeking even more power, the M Performance version of the 4 Series comes with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. This high-performance engine delivers an impressive 382 horsepower, offering exhilarating acceleration and speed. Coupled with the eight-speed automatic transmission, the M Performance engine takes the 4 Series to new heights of performance.

In addition to the powerful engines, the 4 Series also offers advanced technology and features that enhance the driving experience. From advanced safety systems to intuitive infotainment options, the 4 Series is designed to provide both comfort and excitement on the road.

Overall, the engine options in the BMW 4 Series offer a range of choices to suit different driving preferences. Whether you prefer the standard power and efficiency or crave the adrenaline of the M Performance engine, the 4 Series delivers an exhilarating driving experience.

Interior Design and Features

The BMW 4 Series is known for its luxurious interior design and cutting-edge features. Step inside the 4 Series and you will be immediately greeted by a sense of elegance and sophistication. The high-quality materials and attention to detail are evident throughout the cabin, making every drive a truly special experience.

Comfortable and Spacious

The 4 Series offers ample space for both the driver and passengers. The seats are ergonomically designed, providing excellent support and comfort even during long drives. Whether you’re heading out for a road trip or running errands around town, you can be sure that you and your passengers will be seated in the utmost comfort.

High-Tech Features

The BMW 4 Series is equipped with a range of high-tech features that enhance the driving experience. The iDrive infotainment system is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to easily control various functions such as navigation, audio, and connectivity. The system can be accessed through the touchscreen display or the convenient central controller.

In addition to the iDrive system, the 4 Series also offers advanced driver assistance features. These include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot monitoring, among others. These features help to improve safety and provide peace of mind while on the road.

Luxury and Style

The 4 Series exudes luxury and style in every aspect of its interior design. From the premium leather upholstery to the sleek and modern dashboard, every detail has been carefully crafted to create a sense of refinement. The ambient lighting adds an extra touch of sophistication, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

Overall, the interior design and features of the BMW 4 Series set it apart from the competition. Whether you’re a driver looking for comfort and convenience or someone who appreciates luxury and style, the 4 Series is sure to impress.

Exterior Styling

The BMW 4 Series has always been known for its sleek and stylish exterior design, and the latest review of the series only solidifies that reputation. With its distinctive kidney grille, sleek lines, and aggressive stance, the 4 Series is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

One of the standout features of the 4 Series is its aerodynamic design. The sleek lines and contours not only give the coupe a sporty and dynamic look, but they also improve the car’s overall aerodynamic efficiency. This not only helps improve fuel efficiency, but it also enhances the vehicle’s performance at higher speeds.

The front end of the 4 Series is dominated by the iconic BMW kidney grille. With its bold and angular design, it adds a touch of aggression to the car’s overall look. The headlights, with their slim profile and LED technology, further enhance the car’s sporty appeal.

As you move towards the rear of the 4 Series, you’ll notice the coupe’s muscular haunches and wide rear track. These design elements give the car a powerful and athletic look. The LED taillights, with their distinctive L-shaped design, add a touch of elegance to the rear end.

The 4 Series offers a range of exterior color options, allowing you to customize the look of your coupe. From classic black and white to bold and vibrant shades, you’re sure to find a color that suits your personal style.

In conclusion, the exterior styling of the BMW 4 Series is a perfect blend of sportiness, elegance, and aggression. Whether you’re looking for a car that will turn heads on the street or one that will excel on the race track, the 4 Series delivers in every aspect.

Safety Features and Technology

When it comes to safety, the BMW 4 Series sets the standard for luxury coupes. With its advanced safety features and cutting-edge technology, this car is designed to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Active Driving Assistant

The BMW 4 Series comes equipped with the Active Driving Assistant, a suite of safety features that includes Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Pedestrian Detection. These features work together to help prevent accidents and keep you aware of your surroundings.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Another important safety feature is Adaptive Cruise Control, which is available on the BMW 4 Series. This system automatically adjusts the speed of the car to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. It takes the stress out of long drives and helps to prevent rear-end collisions.

The BMW 4 Series also includes a range of innovative technology to further enhance safety:

  • Blind Spot Detection: This system uses radar sensors to monitor the blind spots of your vehicle. If a vehicle is detected in your blind spot, a warning light will illuminate on the side mirror.
  • Head-Up Display: The available Head-Up Display projects important information, such as speed and navigation instructions, directly onto the windshield. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road while accessing essential information.
  • Rearview Camera: The Rearview Camera provides a clear view of what’s behind you, making parking and reversing easier and safer.
  • Parking Assistant: This feature uses sensors to help you find a suitable parking spot and guides you through the parking process. It takes the stress out of parallel parking and ensures you avoid any obstacles.

With these safety features and technology, the BMW 4 Series offers peace of mind and confidence behind the wheel. Whether you’re driving in the city or cruising on the highway, you can trust that this luxurious coupe has your safety as its top priority.

Infotainment System

The infotainment system in the BMW 4 Series is undoubtedly one of its standout features. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, it enhances the overall driving experience.

The 4 Series is equipped with BMW’s latest iDrive system, which includes a high-resolution touchscreen display. The display is crisp and vibrant, making it easy to navigate through menus and select various entertainment and connectivity options.

One of the standout features of the infotainment system is its seamless integration with smartphones. Using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, drivers can easily connect their devices to the system and access their favorite apps, music, and messages.

The system also comes with built-in navigation, providing turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates. This is particularly useful for those who frequently travel or rely on GPS for navigation.

Furthermore, the infotainment system includes a premium audio system, providing exceptional sound quality for music lovers. Whether you’re listening to your favorite playlist or tuning into your preferred radio station, the audio system delivers crisp and immersive sound.

In addition, the infotainment system offers a range of other features, such as Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and audio streaming, USB ports for charging and connecting external devices, and voice control for convenient and hands-free operation.

In conclusion, the infotainment system in the BMW 4 Series is a true standout. It combines cutting-edge technology, seamless smartphone integration, navigation capabilities, and premium audio quality, all of which enhance the overall driving experience and make every journey more enjoyable.

Comfort and Convenience

The BMW 4 Series offers a high level of comfort and convenience features that make every drive a pleasure. From its luxurious interior to its advanced technology, the 4 Series ensures a smooth and effortless driving experience.

One of the standout features of the 4 Series is its spacious and comfortable cabin. The seats are designed with plush leather upholstery and can be adjusted in multiple ways to provide optimal support and comfort. Whether you are driving in the city or on a long road trip, you and your passengers will feel relaxed and refreshed.

In addition to the comfortable seating, the 4 Series offers a range of convenience features that enhance the overall driving experience. For example, the BMW ConnectedDrive system allows you to connect your smartphone to the car, giving you access to a variety of apps and services. With the touch of a button, you can control your music, make hands-free calls, and even navigate your way to your destination.

Another notable convenience feature is the advanced climate control system. The 4 Series comes equipped with a dual-zone automatic climate control, which allows the driver and passenger to set individual temperature preferences. This ensures that everyone in the car can enjoy their ideal level of comfort, regardless of the weather outside.

The 4 Series also offers a range of driver assistance features that further enhance comfort and convenience. These include adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and a parking assistant. These features help to reduce driver fatigue and make driving in any situation a breeze.

Comfort and Convenience Features:
Plush leather upholstery
Adjustable seats
BMW ConnectedDrive system
Dual-zone automatic climate control

Overall, the BMW 4 Series is designed with the driver and passenger’s comfort and convenience in mind. With its luxurious interior, advanced technology, and range of convenience features, the 4 Series offers a first-class driving experience.

Driving Experience

The driving experience of the BMW 4 Series is nothing short of exceptional. With its powerful engine options and precise handling, this luxury coupe delivers an exhilarating performance on the road.

The BMW 4 Series is available with a range of engine choices, including turbocharged four-cylinder and six-cylinder options. These engines provide ample power and acceleration, allowing drivers to confidently navigate both city streets and open highways.

One standout feature of the BMW 4 Series is its precise handling. The steering is responsive and the suspension is finely tuned, allowing for sharp and controlled turns. Whether you’re taking on twisty mountain roads or simply maneuvering through traffic, the 4 Series offers a sporty and engaging driving experience.

In addition to its performance capabilities, the BMW 4 Series also offers advanced technologies that enhance the driving experience. Features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring provide added safety and convenience on the road. The cabin is also well-insulated, ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride, even at high speeds.

Overall, the driving experience of the BMW 4 Series is truly exceptional. With its powerful engines, precise handling, and advanced technologies, this luxury coupe offers a thrilling and enjoyable ride for drivers who crave both performance and comfort.

Fuel Efficiency and Eco-friendly Options

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the BMW 4 Series sets a new standard in the luxury coupe segment. With advancements in technology and engineering, BMW has incorporated several eco-friendly options to reduce fuel consumption and minimize its environmental impact.

Advanced Engine Technology

The 4 Series is equipped with a range of highly efficient engines, including petrol, diesel, and hybrid options. These engines are designed to deliver powerful performance while also maintaining excellent fuel economy. Whether you prefer the smooth acceleration of a petrol engine or the torque and efficiency of a diesel engine, the 4 Series offers a wide range of choices to suit your driving preferences.

Efficient Hybrid Models

For those who prioritize fuel efficiency and want to reduce their carbon footprint, BMW offers hybrid models in the 4 Series lineup. The hybrid models combine a responsive combustion engine with an electric motor, allowing for seamless transitions between power sources. This technology not only improves fuel efficiency but also reduces emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice for environmentally-conscious drivers.

Additionally, the hybrid models feature regenerative braking, which harnesses energy that would otherwise be wasted during braking and converts it into electricity to recharge the battery. This further enhances the overall efficiency of the vehicle, reducing the need for frequent refueling and minimizing the environmental impact.

Smart Eco Pro Mode

To optimize fuel efficiency, the 4 Series comes with an Eco Pro mode that adjusts various settings to prioritize energy-saving. In this mode, the throttle response is adjusted, and the climate control system is optimized to minimize energy consumption. Additionally, the transmission is programmed to upshift earlier, reducing engine revs and maximizing fuel efficiency.

The Eco Pro mode also provides real-time feedback and driving tips to help drivers adopt a more fuel-efficient driving style. This includes suggestions on when to coast, when to accelerate, and when to use regenerative braking. By following these recommendations, drivers can maximize their fuel economy and reduce their environmental impact.

Efficiency in Design

Beyond the engine technology, BMW has also incorporated aerodynamic design elements into the 4 Series to further enhance fuel efficiency. These include features such as streamlined body shapes, active grille shutters, and underbody paneling, which reduce drag and improve overall aerodynamics. These design elements not only contribute to better fuel economy but also enhance the car’s performance and stability at higher speeds.

In conclusion, the BMW 4 Series offers a range of fuel-efficient and eco-friendly options for those who prioritize sustainability without compromising on luxury and performance. With advanced engine technology, efficient hybrid models, smart driving modes, and thoughtful design elements, the 4 Series is at the forefront of eco-friendly luxury coupes in the market.

Pricing and Trims

The BMW 4 Series offers a range of trims to suit different tastes and budgets. With its sleek design and powerful performance, the 4 Series is a top choice for luxury coupe enthusiasts.


The 4 Series is available in three trims:

  • 430i
  • 440i
  • M4

The 430i is the base trim, offering a balance of performance and affordability. It comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 248 horsepower. The 440i trim steps up the power with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine that generates 326 horsepower. For those seeking the ultimate performance, the M4 trim is the top choice. It features a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology that delivers a remarkable 425 horsepower.


The starting price for the BMW 4 Series is $45,600 for the base 430i trim. The 440i trim starts at $52,000, while the M4 trim has a starting price of $69,150. Additional options and packages can be added to enhance the driving experience, but they will increase the overall cost. The 4 Series offers a variety of customization options, allowing buyers to personalize their coupe according to their preferences.

Overall, the BMW 4 Series provides a range of trims and pricing options to cater to different buyers. Whether you prioritize affordability or high-performance, there is a trim available to meet your needs. With its luxurious features and impressive performance, the 4 Series is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Competitors in the Luxury Coupe Segment

When it comes to luxury coupes, the BMW 4 Series faces tough competition from other automakers in the market. These competitors offer their own unique features and strengths that make them worthy alternatives to the 4 Series. Let’s take a look at some of the top contenders in the luxury coupe segment.

Audi A5

The Audi A5 is a stylish and sophisticated luxury coupe that offers a sporty driving experience. With its sleek design and advanced technology features, the A5 is a strong contender in this segment. It offers a comfortable interior and impressive performance, making it a popular choice among luxury car enthusiasts.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is known for its luxurious and refined interior, as well as its powerful engine options. It offers a smooth and comfortable ride, along with advanced safety and infotainment features. With its elegant design and impressive performance, the C-Class Coupe is a worthy competitor to the BMW 4 Series.

Lexus RC

The Lexus RC is a luxury coupe that offers a blend of comfort, performance, and reliability. It features a stylish exterior design and a well-crafted interior with premium materials. The RC also offers a smooth and engaging driving experience, thanks to its powerful engine options and precise handling. With its reputation for reliability and its attractive price point, the Lexus RC is a strong competitor in this segment.

Infiniti Q60

The Infiniti Q60 is a luxury coupe that combines elegant design with impressive performance. It offers a spacious and comfortable interior, along with advanced safety and technology features. The Q60 also boasts powerful engine options and agile handling, making it a worthy rival to the BMW 4 Series.

Competitor Key Features
Audi A5 Sporty design, advanced technology
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe Luxurious interior, powerful engine options
Lexus RC Reliability, stylish design, engaging driving experience
Infiniti Q60 Elegant design, advanced safety features

These are just a few of the competitors in the luxury coupe segment. Each of these models offers its own unique blend of style, performance, and luxury, making the choice between them a matter of personal preference. Whether you choose the BMW 4 Series or one of its competitors, you can be sure to enjoy the exhilarating experience of driving a luxury coupe.

Pros and Cons of the BMW 4 Series

When it comes to luxury coupes, the BMW 4 Series is a top contender. With its sleek design, powerful engine options, and advanced technology features, this car offers a truly remarkable driving experience. However, there are also a few drawbacks to consider. In this review, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of the BMW 4 Series.


  • Stylish and eye-catching exterior design that is sure to turn heads on the road.
  • Powerful engine options, including a turbocharged inline-six that delivers impressive acceleration.
  • Smooth and responsive handling, making it a joy to drive on winding roads.
  • Comfortable and well-appointed interior, with high-quality materials and modern technology.
  • Advanced safety features, such as blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking.
  • Generous cargo space for a coupe, making it practical for daily use.
  • User-friendly infotainment system with a crisp display and intuitive controls.
  • Excellent fuel efficiency, especially with the available hybrid powertrain option.


  • The ride can be slightly firm, especially with the optional sport suspension.
  • The base trim lacks some of the advanced features and options available on higher trims.
  • Limited rear-seat space, making it less comfortable for taller passengers.
  • The coupe design sacrifices some practicality compared to a sedan, with less rear visibility and harder access to the rear seats.
  • Higher starting price compared to some of its competitors in the luxury coupe segment.
  • The optional advanced driver-assistance features can quickly inflate the price.

In conclusion, the BMW 4 Series offers a combination of style, performance, and luxury that is hard to beat. While there are a few drawbacks to consider, the overall driving experience and advanced features make it a worthwhile choice for those seeking a high-end coupe.

Maintenance and Ownership Costs

When it comes to owning a luxury vehicle like the BMW 4 Series, it’s important to consider the costs associated with its maintenance and ownership. While the initial purchase price of the 4 Series may be higher than that of a regular car, maintaining and owning this vehicle has its own unique set of expenses.

First and foremost, routine maintenance is crucial to keeping your BMW 4 Series in top condition. This includes regular oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations. Depending on your driving habits and the recommendations of the manufacturer, these maintenance tasks should be performed at specific intervals, which can vary depending on the model year and the engine type.

In addition to routine maintenance, there may also be additional costs associated with unexpected repairs or parts replacements. While BMWs are known for their performance and reliability, no vehicle is immune to wear and tear. Brake pads, tires, and other components may need to be replaced over time, and these costs should be factored into your ownership budget.

Another significant expense to consider is insurance. Luxury vehicles like the BMW 4 Series typically have higher insurance premiums due to their higher values and greater repair costs. It’s important to obtain insurance quotes before purchasing a 4 Series to ensure that the premiums fit within your budget.

Fuel costs are another aspect of ownership that should be taken into account. The BMW 4 Series, especially the higher-performance models, may require premium fuel for optimal performance. Premium fuel typically comes at a higher cost than regular unleaded gasoline, so it’s important to factor this into your monthly expenses.

Lastly, depreciation is an important consideration when owning any vehicle, including the BMW 4 Series. Luxury vehicles tend to depreciate faster than more economical cars, and the 4 Series is no exception. It’s important to factor in the potential decrease in value when determining the true cost of ownership over time.

In conclusion, owning a BMW 4 Series comes with its own set of maintenance and ownership costs. Routine maintenance, unexpected repairs, insurance premiums, fuel costs, and depreciation should all be considered when budgeting for ownership of this luxury coupe. However, for those who appreciate the performance and style of the 4 Series, the ownership costs are often outweighed by the joy of driving such a prestigious vehicle.

Reliability and Durability

When it comes to the BMW 4 Series, reliability and durability are two qualities that cannot be ignored. This luxury coupe has built a reputation for its strong construction and long-lasting performance.

Engine Performance

The BMW 4 Series is equipped with a range of powerful engines that are known for their reliability and durability. Whether you opt for the standard 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine or the upgraded 3.0-liter inline-6 engine, you can trust that these powertrains will deliver the performance you expect from a BMW.

With proper maintenance and regular servicing, the engines in the 4 Series have proven to be robust and capable of withstanding the test of time. You can enjoy spirited driving and impressive acceleration without having to worry about the longevity of your vehicle.

Build Quality

BMW is known for its attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship, and the 4 Series is no exception. The build quality of this luxury coupe is exceptional, with high-quality materials and solid construction throughout.

From the precise fit and finish of the exterior panels to the well-designed interior layout, every aspect of the BMW 4 Series reflects the brand’s dedication to excellence. The doors close with a satisfying thud, and the cabin remains quiet and solid even at high speeds.

Additionally, the BMW 4 Series has been built to withstand various road conditions and environments. Whether you’re driving on smooth city streets or tackling rougher terrain, you can trust that this luxury coupe will deliver a smooth and comfortable ride.

In conclusion, the BMW 4 Series offers both reliability and durability. Its powerful engines and solid construction make it a trustworthy and long-lasting choice for luxury coupe enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Read what customers have to say about the BMW 4 Series:

Review 1

“I recently purchased the BMW 4 Series and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. The sleek design and luxurious features make it a true standout on the road. The engine provides a powerful and smooth ride, and the interior is comfortable and well-appointed. The technology features, including the infotainment system and driver-assistance options, are intuitive and easy to use. Overall, the BMW 4 Series offers a perfect blend of style, performance, and luxury.”

Review 2

“As a long-time BMW owner, I had high expectations for the 4 Series, and it did not disappoint. The handling is superb, and the driving experience is truly exhilarating. The exterior design is modern and eye-catching, and the interior is spacious and comfortable. The intuitive controls and advanced safety features give me confidence on the road. Whether I’m cruising on the highway or navigating city streets, the BMW 4 Series delivers an exceptional driving experience.”

Review 3

“I recently had the opportunity to test drive the BMW 4 Series, and I was blown away by its performance. The turbocharged engine provides impressive acceleration, and the precise steering and responsive handling make it a joy to drive. The interior is well-designed, with high-quality materials and modern technology features. The 4 Series offers a perfect balance of sportiness and luxury, making it a top choice for those who crave both performance and comfort.”

These reviews from satisfied BMW 4 Series owners highlight the impressive performance, luxurious features, and overall driving experience that this luxury coupe offers. If you’re in the market for a stylish and high-performing vehicle, the BMW 4 Series is definitely worth considering.

Awards and Recognition

The BMW 4 Series has received numerous awards and recognition in the luxury coupe segment. Its exceptional performance, innovative features, and stylish design make it a favorite among car enthusiasts and experts alike.

Car and Driver Magazine:

The BMW 4 Series was named to Car and Driver’s 10Best list for the fifth consecutive year. The magazine praised its powerful engine options, precise handling, and comfortable interior.

IIHS Top Safety Pick+

The BMW 4 Series has been recognized as an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ for its advanced safety features and crash test performance. With its advanced driver-assistance systems and robust construction, the 4 Series provides exceptional protection for occupants.

JD Power Dependability Award

In the JD Power Dependability Study, the BMW 4 Series ranked among the top luxury coupes for its reliability and long-term durability. This award reflects the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality vehicles that exceed customer expectations.

These awards and recognition are a testament to the BMW 4 Series’ exceptional engineering and commitment to delivering an unparalleled driving experience.

Customization Options

When it comes to the BMW 4 Series, customization is key. With a wide range of options available, you can truly make this luxury coupe your own. From the exterior color to the interior trim, there are endless possibilities to choose from.

Starting with the exterior, you can select from a variety of vibrant colors that suit your style. Whether you prefer a classic black or a bold red, the BMW 4 Series has something for everyone. Additionally, you can choose from different wheel options to further enhance the overall look of your vehicle.

Moving to the interior, the options continue to impress. You can choose from a range of luxurious upholstery materials, including leather and Alcantara. The seats can be customized with different stitching patterns and colors to add a personal touch. Additionally, you can select from various trims, such as wood or aluminum, to create the perfect blend of elegance and sportiness.

In terms of technology, the BMW 4 Series offers a multitude of customization options. You can choose from different infotainment systems, including a large touchscreen display or a digital instrument cluster. The audio system can be upgraded to a premium sound system for the ultimate audio experience. Furthermore, you can add various driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist, to enhance the safety and convenience of your driving experience.

In conclusion, the BMW 4 Series offers a wide range of customization options to suit your preferences. Whether it’s the exterior color, interior trim, or technology features, you can personalize every aspect of this luxury coupe. With its stylish design and high-quality craftsmanship, the BMW 4 Series is a top choice for those looking for a truly unique and personalized driving experience.

Future Updates and Improvements

As the BMW 4 Series continues to evolve and set new standards in the luxury coupe segment, we can expect to see some exciting updates and improvements in the future.

1. Enhanced Performance

The next-generation 4 Series is likely to come with even more powerful engine options, offering an exhilarating driving experience. BMW’s commitment to performance will ensure that the series maintains its reputation as a leader in its class.

2. Advanced Technology

BMW is known for its cutting-edge technology features, and the future 4 Series models will be no exception. We can expect to see advancements in connectivity, infotainment systems, and driver-assistance features, making the driving experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Furthermore, BMW is likely to integrate more autonomous driving capabilities into the 4 Series, further enhancing safety and convenience on the road.

In conclusion, the future updates and improvements to the BMW 4 Series will further solidify its position as a top luxury coupe. With enhanced performance and advanced technology, the series will continue to push boundaries and deliver an exceptional driving experience.

Warranty Information

When purchasing a BMW 4 Series, it is important to understand the warranty coverage that comes with the vehicle. BMW offers a comprehensive warranty package that provides peace of mind and protection for your luxury coupe.

The BMW 4 Series comes with a standard 4-year/50,000-mile warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship during the specified period. If any issues arise, BMW will repair or replace the necessary parts at no cost to the owner.

In addition to the standard warranty, BMW also offers an extended warranty for those who want additional coverage. This extended warranty can be purchased at the time of vehicle purchase or at any time before the original warranty expires. The extended warranty provides coverage for an additional 2 years or up to 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

With the BMW warranty, owners can have peace of mind knowing that their 4 Series is protected from unexpected repairs and expenses. The warranty also includes roadside assistance, which covers services such as towing, lockout assistance, and fuel delivery if the vehicle becomes disabled.

It is important to note that the warranty coverage may vary depending on the country or region in which the vehicle was purchased. It is recommended to check with your local BMW dealership for specific warranty details and terms.

In conclusion, the BMW 4 Series comes with a comprehensive warranty package that provides coverage for defects in materials or workmanship. The standard warranty has a duration of 4 years or 50,000 miles, and BMW also offers an extended warranty for additional coverage. With the warranty and roadside assistance services, owners of the 4 Series can have peace of mind and enjoy their luxury coupe to the fullest.

Where to Buy the BMW 4 Series

If you are in the market for a luxury coupe and have your heart set on the BMW 4 Series, you may be wondering where you can buy one. Fortunately, there are several options available to you.

The first place to check is your local BMW dealership. They will have a range of BMW 4 Series models in stock and can assist you with finding the perfect one for your needs. The advantage of buying from a dealership is that you can test drive the car before making a purchase and can receive guidance from experienced sales staff.

If you prefer to buy online, you can visit the official BMW website. They have a section dedicated to finding a local dealer, where you can search for dealerships near you that have the BMW 4 Series in stock. Additionally, the BMW website may have special offers or promotions that are only available to online buyers.

An alternative to buying new is to consider purchasing a used BMW 4 Series. This can be a more affordable option and there are many reputable dealerships and websites that specialize in selling used luxury cars. Be sure to do your research and check the vehicle’s history before making a purchase.

Lastly, you may also find BMW 4 Series models available for sale on classified websites or through private sellers. While this can be a riskier option as you won’t have the same assurances as buying from a dealership, you may be able to find a great deal.

Whether you choose to buy from a dealership, the official BMW website, a used car dealership, or through a private seller, make sure to thoroughly research the seller and the vehicle to ensure a smooth and enjoyable buying experience. Happy hunting for your BMW 4 Series!

Financing and Lease Options

When it comes to purchasing or leasing a BMW 4 Series, there are several financing and lease options to consider. Whether you’re looking for a short-term lease or prefer to finance your luxury coupe, BMW has tailored options to meet your needs.


If you choose to finance your BMW 4 Series, you have the option of obtaining a loan from a bank or financing through BMW Financial Services. Financing your vehicle allows you to spread out the cost over a set term, typically ranging from 36 to 72 months.

With BMW Financial Services, you may be eligible for special financing rates and incentives. This can help make owning a BMW 4 Series even more affordable. Additionally, financing gives you the freedom to add accessories, such as performance upgrades or luxury features, to your vehicle.


Leasing a BMW 4 Series provides you with the flexibility to drive a luxury coupe for a specific term, typically ranging from 24 to 48 months. Leasing often requires less money upfront and lower monthly payments compared to financing.

BMW offers various lease options, including closed-end leases and open-end leases. A closed-end lease allows you to return the vehicle at the end of the lease term and walk away, assuming there is no excess wear and tear or mileage charges. An open-end lease gives you the opportunity to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term, based on its predetermined residual value.

Financing Lease
Spread out the cost over a set term Lower monthly payments
Possible special financing rates and incentives Flexibility to drive a new vehicle every few years
Ownership at the end of the term Option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease

Whether you choose to finance or lease, BMW offers a range of options to make owning or driving a 4 Series a reality. Consider your budget, driving habits, and long-term goals to determine which option is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have about the BMW 4 Series:

1. Is this a review of the BMW 4 Series? Yes, this article is a detailed review of the BMW 4 Series luxury coupe.
2. How does the BMW 4 Series compare to other luxury coupes? The BMW 4 Series stands out in its class with its sleek design, powerful engine options, and luxurious interior. It offers a comfortable ride and impressive performance.
3. What are the available engine options for the BMW 4 Series? The BMW 4 Series is available with a range of engine options, including a powerful inline-six and a turbocharged four-cylinder. It offers a balance of power and fuel efficiency.
4. What technology features does the BMW 4 Series offer? The BMW 4 Series comes equipped with a variety of advanced technology features, including a large infotainment display, smartphone integration, advanced safety features, and driver assistance systems.
5. Is the BMW 4 Series a practical choice for daily driving? While the BMW 4 Series is primarily designed for luxury and performance, it can also serve as a practical choice for daily driving with its spacious interior, comfortable seats, and ample cargo space.
6. Are there any specific trims or packages available for the BMW 4 Series? Yes, the BMW 4 Series offers various trims and packages that allow drivers to customize their car to their liking. These options can include upgraded audio systems, sportier suspension, and premium interior materials.

If you have any more questions about the BMW 4 Series or would like more information, feel free to reach out to us.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your BMW 4 Series running smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips and tricks to help you take care of your luxury coupe:

Tips Tricks
1. Regularly check and top up the fluids, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. 1. Use high-quality synthetic oils and fluids recommended by BMW for better engine performance.
2. Keep an eye on tire pressure and inspect the tires for any signs of wear or damage. Rotate the tires regularly to ensure even wear. 2. Invest in a good quality tire gauge and check the tire pressure monthly. Follow the recommended tire pressure stated in your owner’s manual.
3. Change the engine air filter and cabin air filters regularly to maintain good air quality and ensure optimal engine performance. 3. Consider upgrading to a high-performance air filter to improve engine airflow and fuel efficiency.
4. Wash and wax your BMW regularly to protect the paintwork from dirt, debris, and UV damage. 4. Use a microfiber cloth and high-quality car cleaning products specifically designed for luxury car finishes.
5. Check the battery regularly and clean the terminals if there is any corrosion. Consider investing in a battery charger to avoid any unexpected battery failures. 5. Before removing the battery terminals, make sure to save your vehicle settings to avoid any issues with the electronic functions.
6. Follow the recommended service intervals and take your BMW to a qualified mechanic for regular inspections and maintenance. 6. Keep a record of all the maintenance and repair work done on your BMW for future reference and potential resale value.

By following these maintenance tips and tricks, you can ensure that your BMW 4 Series stays in top condition, providing you with a luxurious and reliable driving experience for years to come.


What is the price of the BMW 4 Series?

The price of the BMW 4 Series is starting at $45,600 for the base 430i model.

What are the engine options available for the BMW 4 Series?

The BMW 4 Series offers three engine options: a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine, and a high-performance M4 model with a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine.

What are some of the key features of the BMW 4 Series?

The BMW 4 Series comes equipped with features such as LED headlights, power-adjustable front seats, a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and a rearview camera.

Is the BMW 4 Series a reliable car?

While BMW has a reputation for producing high-quality vehicles, the reliability of the 4 Series can vary depending on individual experiences and maintenance. It is always recommended to conduct thorough research and consider factors such as regular maintenance, warranty coverage, and customer reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Is the BMW 4 Series a good value for money?

The BMW 4 Series offers a combination of luxury, performance, and advanced technology, which makes it a good value for money for those seeking a high-end coupe experience. However, the final value proposition may vary depending on individual preferences and priorities.

How powerful is the BMW 4 Series?

The BMW 4 Series offers a range of powerful engines to choose from. The base model comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 248 horsepower. There is also an option for a more powerful 3.0-liter inline-six engine that generates 382 horsepower in the M440i model. Overall, the BMW 4 Series provides impressive performance and acceleration.

What are the interior features of the BMW 4 Series?

The interior of the BMW 4 Series is designed with luxury and comfort in mind. It features high-quality materials and finishes, as well as modern technology. Some of the notable interior features include a large infotainment touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, wireless smartphone charging, a premium audio system, heated seats, and a panoramic sunroof. The cabin is spacious and well-appointed, creating a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

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