Americans “crossed” the Volkswagen beetle and Subaru

Americans “crossed” the Volkswagen beetle and Subaru

American motorist decided to mix the two models of Subaru and Volkswagen.

Photo of a rather unusual car was made the other day in one of the American cities. Local “Kulibin” has collected from two of the older models of Subaru and Volkswagen one “superwagen”.

As donors motorist decided to use the compact hatchback Subaru GL and the legendary Volkswagen Beetle. The result is an extravagant model like uniting two eras of the automotive industry.

One of the main mysteries is how the engine sets in motion this “hybrid” and where it is installed. Donor models have a fundamentally different layout. The Subaru engine at the front, and the “Beetle” back.

The most likely option is the placement of the engine under the hood, in order to free up more space in the rear part of the original design.

Source: Car Center