Again didn’t start: what to do if diesel refuses to work in the cold

Again didn’t start: what to do if diesel refuses to work in the cold

Winter frost, with a mark below 10 degrees is often the reason that diesel engine or even not possible to launch it or if it is run, it works only at idle and at rpm “just above idle”, but in motion there is no draft.

The cause of the startup issues may be:

– weak battery;
weak compression in the cylinders;
– broken glow plug;
– diesel fuel, in which the wax is precipitated and filled the filter.

If you do not work the spark ignition, the problem with starting the motor begin with the first frosts, so if 0 to -10 diesel runs without any problems, at – 15 degrees culprit is usually diesel fuel.

Signs of problems due to diesel fuel the following:
– the engine will not start;
– engine starts but runs only at idle and speeds just above idle. In motion there is no draft.

If the cause of the problems with the launch and operation of the diesel engine is the fuel, the vehicle must be transported on a warm Parking lot. While diesel fuel getting warm and the paraffin again to dissolve, you need to buy in the shop or at the gas station antihelium the additive and pour it into the tank in accordance with the instructions.
Then after starting the motor need to from the power supply system has developed a fuel without additives and only after that you can go from a warm garage. Better to additive mixed with the fuel, you have to drive a little in the garage with a small acceleration and sharp braking to the fuel tank vesbaltawati.

If the garage is not warm, you can try to heat the filter housing and fuel pump a Hairdryer. But first also the tank need to fill antihelium additive. There are other ways of dealing with paraffin, but they are more complex.

Spark ignition can be checked independently, but it is better to contact a qualified service center. And quickly can help aerosol products from the cold start. It is volatile, samovosproizvoditsja at low temperatures, the liquid (based on ether) in an aerosol spray can, which should be made (injected) into the intake manifold at the time of starting the engine.