A virtual look at Mercedes-Benz

A virtual look at Mercedes-Benz

A device called Oculus Rift was developed by a military engineer Palmer lucky and the Creator of the game John Carmack in 2012

It is a helmet, wearing which a person is in a virtual world where you can manipulate any object at will. The system tracks the movements of his head and eye and react to them.

The innovative technology greatly simplifies the configuration process of the new E-Class. Now fans of the star cars of the brand can control the selection of individual solutions for your car in one motion of the head. To see Your dream car in the desired configuration, just wear a virtual reality headset – Samsung Gear VR. She has a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6, which operates a special application developed by VRPlanet for Mercedes-Benz.

Clients can choose to see the configuration of the E-Class as if they were near him or in his cabin. The application allows you to change the body color, decorative elements, wheels, seat, lights and a number of other parameters.

Currently, customers can use virtual reality glasses to select different variants of the new E-Class in any dealer center of Mercedes-Benz. In the future it is possible to integrate the device in a variety of web services that clients can choose the car of your dreams from the comfort of home, and quickly get the latest information about new Mercedes-Benz in stocking their virtual garage. Virtual reality glasses will undoubtedly become the standard tool of the sales process in the near future. But now this solution does not leave customers indifferent, causing all the users delighted.