7 Passenger Cars

Photo of the one of cars with 7 seats

7 passenger cars are very convenient and comfortable. Usually, they are associated only with minivans. Many people don’t know that SUVs or minibusses can also be the 7 passenger cars. We decided to tell you what the types of cars with 7 seats are.

Minivan – family 7 passenger car with 5 doors, which are arranged in three rows (car blog – AboutCersReviews)

cars with 7 seats picture 1

minivan ford

Crossover – a large five-door car that is very similar to the SUV, but has less power than last one. It has high ground clearance and can be with drivetrain:

  • 2-wheel drive
  • 4-wheel drive

cars with 7 seats crossover

crossover lexus

SUV – a powerful off-road car with 5-8 passengers seats. Usually, it has high ground clearance as crossover and 4-wheel drivetrain. On this car, everyone can drive on the most impassable roads. The most popular SUVs in the US are Ford and Toyota.

cars with 7 seats jeep Ford

Toyota 7 seats

Minibus – small bus for 7 or more passengers. Most popular minibusses in the world are:

Ford Transit

cars with 7 seats Ford Transit
M-B Sprinter

cars with 7 seats Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
MBenz Vito

cars with 7 seats Mercedes-Benz Vito

Salon of the 7 Passenger Car

scheme 2+3+2

cars with 7 seats 2x3x2 scheme

This scheme applies to all types of 7 passenger cars

scheme 2+3+3

2х3х3 scheme

This scheme is used in 7 passenger SUVs

6 passenger car scheme 7 seater cars Cars with 7 seats 7 passenger cars with 7 seats salonluxury 7 seater suvsuv seats 77 seater car salon photo7 seat suv 20157 passenger vehicle
7 seats suv Cars with 7 seats 7 seater suv 2015 seven seater suv