5 ways: “how to legally ride” in a car without customs clearance

5 ways: “how to legally ride” in a car without customs clearance

The subparagraphs of the law, which the drivers don’t know.

Any vehicles that arrive in Ukraine must be cleared and registered within 10 days from the moment of crossing the state border. This reads article 95 of the Customs code. It was during this period have to pay import duty, VAT, excise tax and put the car on the account.

But there are at least five ways how to pay the state and while it is legitimate to travel around our country by car with foreign license plates, according to the portal ubr, citing its own


1. Ride every 5 days abroad

To buy a car abroad, but not to clear it. Every five days to cross the border through the same customs. Or every 10 days, if the car drives through a single border checkpoint and leaves through another. “If the car broke down, got in an accident, or the driver is ill, you need to apply to the customs Declaration and the appropriate certificates (from the police one HUNDRED, hospital) that will explain the delay of crossing the border,” advises Anton Gavrik, lawyer at the law firm Misechko and Partners. However, recently the guards have ceased to make such reference, than it provoked a lot of discontent and even rallies the residents of border regions of the country.

2. Buy uncleared car in our country

To buy uncleared car in our country. Further, the procedure is the same – every 5 days (10) to go across the border and enter back.

3. Option for non-residents

If you have a passport of a citizen of another state, and you most of the time you live abroad, then when you can be attributed to non-residents. In this case, non-residents, according to part 1 of article 380 of the Customs code, can import to Ukraine of the vehicle for personal use for up to one year. A prerequisite for this registration of cars in our country in the Consulate of the state concerned.

4. Co-owner

A resident of our country can also drive non-resident if he is a co-owner of the machine and inscribed in the registration certificate issued abroad. “This car has to be registered abroad to a resident of that country, which acted as a “holder”, and Ukrainian is inscribed in the registration certificate as the owner. Importantly, after one year, the alien-“holder” forgot to leave and enter the territory of our country. To cross the border by car can only he,” – says Anton Gavrik.

5.Employee of a foreign company

Place the car over the border, on the Ukrainian, who is officially the employee of a foreign firm. Then he will be able to use the vehicle in our country without necessarily crossing the boundaries of 12 months.