5 mistakes that shorten the life of shock absorbers

5 mistakes that shorten the life of shock absorbers

In the summer the majority of motorists much more use of their machines than in winter. As a result of accelerated wear and spare parts, including shock absorbers. Here are five errors, which reduces the life of the shock absorbers.


The strike will very significantly reduce the life of the shock absorber or even incapacitate him. Therefore, drivers must be very careful to treat their cars. Don’t assume that if your car is high clearance, you can drive around the pits. From bad roads no car not insured.

Wear boot

Experienced drivers know how important it is time to change the duster. Especially in summer, when because of a torn boot can overheat the whole system. Remember that damage to the dust boot in the suspension can begin to flow.

Old consumables

Experienced drivers know, as well as the boot, must be timely to change the consumables and to check the status of the suspension. Remember that in the suspension interact with each other all components and parts.

Hot weather

A negative effect on the car having not only low temperature, but temperature is too high. The problem is compounded when in the heat of motorists still overload their “iron horses”. How to deal with it? Just try not to overload your car in the summer.

Too much load

In the summer, many motorists going to the cottage, or vacation by the sea download machine, as they say, “eyeballs”, forgetting that you can’t do that. Due to excessive load on the dampers is too much pressure with all the ensuing problems.

Source: Autonews