4 habits that are killing your turbo

4 habits that are killing your turbo

Over time, drive one car, drivers have developed certain habits which then become the reflex.

Acceleration, stop, mode shifting, all this helps to automate control of the machine and to pay more attention to the road. But transplanting from a petrol car to a modern turbodiesel, some habits have to give.

Diesel fuel has another view and private benefits of the work that is necessary to properly adjust. Otherwise, the worst hit will be the fastest element of the modern diesel engine is the turbocharger. Let us examine four most harmful for this unit driving habits.

Stop the engine immediately after stopping the machine

After a long or fast drive diesel turbo engine immediately turn off impossible. The working speed of the turbine is 60-150 thousand rpm From the abrupt stop of the engine drops oil pressure and as a consequence there is lack of normal lubrication of the elements of the turbine, thereby causing the “oil starvation”.

According to experts of the service “Turbotron”, for the overheating and rapid wear of the nodes in the system a couple of seconds without lubrication 100 thousand revs more than enough. Experts suggest three simple steps, allowing you to avoid:

  • slowing the turbine to the operating mode after a fast drive;
  • stopping the engine after a long trip through 3-5 mins of idling;
  • under normal city driving turn off the engine after 1-1,5 min.

Leave to idle

Idling for turbo – endurance testing. With no load the engine does not recommended to keep more than 10 minutes even during the warm-up in winter. Half an hour of idling can easily get sakatsuka turbines, blockage maslovataya tube or blade geometry changes. These and other problems, more about which can be found on https://turbomicron.com/, lead to failure of the mechanism, insufficient or excessive air injection to fix which I can only highly skilled.

Blipping at the time of starting the engine

In turbo engines without the system Start&Stop there is a problem with quality lubrication of the turbine at the time of starting the engine. In the service of “Turbotron” explained: when the machine is long, the galleries are empty and takes a few minutes after launch that the lubrication system is fully returned to its working mode.

“The drivers on the old “gasoline” habit of trying to quickly heat the engine, increasing its speed, and as a result only stronger spin a turbine, which is not well lubricated,” – said experts.

Riding at high speed

Medium speed – optimum operation of the turbocharger. Diesel car are equally harmful to ride at low and high revs. But if the accumulated at lower rpm carbon can be clean, well-dispersed turbine, at a constant driving at maximum speed bronzegraphite bearings overheat and fail.

In General, if you are the lucky owner of a turbodiesel – develop good habits that preserve the health of the motor: do not turn off it right after you stop, check the level and oil quality and listen carefully to the turbine. The health of this site depends on the longevity of the motor and financial savings on fuel consumption. Light you way!