2000-strong dragony “Zaporozhets” blows up minds

2000-strong dragony “Zaporozhets” blows up minds

The creation of the Sumy STR team more than a year is striking in its power and dynamics.

The master continues to modernize its offspring and has brought its capacity to 2000 HP!

After the next revision Zaporozhets experienced in Konotop the airport, and then put on the stage of the championship of our country to drag racing in Sumy. ZAZ GTR easily develop 300 km/h, and for quick stops it is equipped with a brake parachute. No wonder he easily viagra competition.

We remind you that racing ZAZ made mid-engined and equipped with a 5.4-liter V8 Ford Mustang Buturlinovsky and 3-speed automatic transmission.

Source: TopGear