Chrysler Crossfire (2017 Feb.)

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front view of the crossfire chrysler

Chrysler Crossfire is one of the Chrysler cars that were rolled out in 2003, by the Karmann factory in Osnabrück, Germany. A car features a rear wheel drive and a sports car. Chrysler has given the car a swift kick, making it more appealing to those interested in the look-good business (actual info – Feb. 2017). The Crossfire is the Mercedes-Benz R170 platform and shares about 80% of the same components. Designed by Eric Stoddard, and Andrew Dyson, the sports car has a 2-door coupe body style, with FR layout.

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Buick SUV Encore Review (2017 Feb.)

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photo of a new buick suv

Buick has rolled out a new model of their former Suv (actual info – Feb. 2017). A car well equipped with modern technologies, smooth and polished exterior, and is more advanced than the old unveiled model. The Buicks Encore have made better sales that surpassed the Enclave and has become SUV Buick best selling model. Buick has managed to keep the Encore competitive, by enhancing its looks and improving other features of the car after a few years time.

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